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Skins Excite Lubricant 4.4 oz

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  • Water Based
  • Tingling 
  • Odorless

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Product Description

Skins 5ml foils are the perfect solution for those spontaneous moments when you want to add a little extra excitement to your intimate encounters. These convenient and discreet foils are easy to carry with you wherever you go, so you can be ready for fun at a moment's notice.

One of the most exciting products in the Skins range is Skins Excite, a water-based lubricant that is designed to heighten sensation and increase blood flow to the area where it is applied. This makes it perfect for women who want to experience more intense pleasure, and for men who want to achieve a firmer, more satisfying erection.

Skins Excite is packed full of natural ingredients that are designed to make you tingle in all the right places. The formula is based on Skins Aqua, which is a crystal-clear, condom-compatible lubricant that is safe for use with all barrier birth control methods. Water-based lubricants are also less likely to cause irritation than other types of lubricants, making them a popular choice for couples who want to enjoy safe, comfortable sex.

One of the key ingredients in Skins Excite is L-Arginine, which is known for its ability to increase blood flow to the genital area. This can help to enhance sensitivity and arousal, making sex more enjoyable for both partners. Skins Excite also contains red clover and ginkgo biloba, which are both natural aphrodisiacs that can help to boost libido and increase sexual desire.

The result is a tantalizingly tingling lube that is designed to stimulate arousal and take you to new heights of pleasure. Whether you are looking for a little extra excitement in the bedroom or want to explore new sensations with your partner, Skins Excite is the perfect choice.

In addition to its exciting formula, Skins Excite also features new ReAquav8 Technology, which allows the lubricant to reactivate itself with just a few drops of water. This means that you can enjoy natural feeling, silky smooth sex for longer, without having to stop and reapply the lubricant.

Skins Excite is available in a range of sizes, including 5ml foils, 4oz bottles, and 8oz bottles. This makes it easy to find the perfect size for your needs, whether you want to try it out for the first time or stock up on your favorite lubricant.

Overall, Skins Excite is a must-have product for anyone who wants to add a little extra excitement to their intimate encounters. With its natural ingredients, tingling feel, and ability to reactivate itself with just a few drops of water, it is the perfect choice for couples who want to explore new sensations and enjoy more intense pleasure together.

Product Details

Manufacturer:Creative Conceptions


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