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Wicked Creme Stroking and Massage Cream 4oz

Creme Stroking and Massage Cream 4oz View larger
  • Oil Based
  • Vegan 
  • Cruelty-Free PETA certified
  • For Male Solo Play
  • Not Latex Compatible 

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Product Description

Wicked Creme Masturbation Cream For Men is a revolutionary product that has been designed to enhance the solo play experience for men. The product comes in a sleek, non-graphic black tube that is discreet and easy to use. The Wicked Sensual Care Collection is a line of personal lubricants and enhancers that has been developed exclusively for the company by skincare industry veteran Carrie Smith. The collection is completely vegan, cruelty-free, and PETA certified, making it a great choice for those who are conscious about the products they use.

The Wicked Creme Masturbation Cream For Men is an oil-based, intimate lubricant that has been crafted to provide a smooth and silky experience during solo play. The cream is designed to be used by men who want to enhance their pleasure and take their solo play to the next level. The cream is not latex compatible, so it is important to keep this in mind when using it with condoms or other latex products.

The 4-ounce tube of Wicked Creme Masturbation Cream For Men is perfect for those who want to try out the product and see how it works for them. The tube is easy to use and can be stored discreetly, making it a great choice for those who want to keep their solo play private. The product is made in the USA, ensuring that it is of the highest quality and meets all safety standards.

One of the best things about the Wicked Creme Masturbation Cream For Men is that it is designed specifically for men. The cream has been crafted to provide a unique and pleasurable experience that is tailored to the needs of men. The cream is perfect for those who want to explore their bodies and discover new ways to experience pleasure.

The Wicked Creme Masturbation Cream For Men is also incredibly easy to use. Simply apply a small amount of the cream to the desired area and massage it in. The cream will provide a smooth and silky experience that will enhance your pleasure and make solo play more enjoyable.

Overall, the Wicked Creme Masturbation Cream For Men is a great choice for those who want to enhance their solo play experience. The product is discreet, easy to use, and designed specifically for men. The cream is made from high-quality ingredients and is completely vegan, cruelty-free, and PETA certified. If you are looking for a product that will take your solo play to the next level, then the Wicked Creme Masturbation Cream For Men is definitely worth trying out.

Product Details

Manufacturer:Wicked Lubes


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rating 1.5
meh, not worth it
not worth it, its a cross between lotion and stronke 29/boy butter, its a bad mixed cream for more than 5 minutes although it's not expensive yet not worthy, maybe for some other use?? not jerking
rating 4
WOW stop using hand lotion.
This tube lasted me like 4 months. I use it daily just about and edge for hours. This is so much better then anything I have ever used and I have used MANY different products. Do not let the small tube fool you. Best part is no nasty leftover smell and it cleans up easily. Sometimes there will be a slight left over smell but its like a menthol smell or something.
rating 5
Creamy but not slick
I've used this product for a long time. It has no odor which is a big plus. It isn't oily so clean up is easy. It leaves your skin feeling soft. It doesn't get sticky during your session like other gels or oils do. It only takes a very small amount to lubricate which makes it more affordable. It lasts a long time so you don't need to stop and keep adding more cream and interrupting your fun session. Order it today and have fun.
rating 5
More uses than advertised.
I used to sell this product, and the reps are really great people to work with. Wicked's personal care product department hires only from the skincare industry, and have extremely high standards. In addition to the... ahem... stated use... the creme is fantastic for general massage (much better than a massage oil), and can hydrate and protect dry skin. Staff at my store kept a communal sample for use in the winter for dry skin!
rating 5
This is a top favorite - solo or with my gf - and I've used it for about two years. It isn't like a lot of personal lubricants brands. While good 'lubricants', they tend to be goopy, sticky, and messy (sorry down comforter) and generally necessary to have a towel nearby (both for application and clean up). Wicked Sensual Care Crème, on the other hand, is exactly that - a cream. It starts out a rich, white cream, but quickly becomes clear and glides smoothly with an increase in temperature/friction. Clean up is simple, if necessary at all. It absorbs like a quality skin moisturizer. It's unscented and absolutely does not irritate my/our skin ever. No added flavor - doesn't taste bad, but not great either - it is what it is. How long it lasts is subjective - I/we very rarely need to reapply. I think it would be more aptly called an 'intimate massage crème. It's not made for 'jackhammering'. It's perfect for slow to moderate sensual experience.
rating 4
Great Stuff
Feels great. Not messy at all.
rating 4.5
Starts thick and creamy
Starts thick and creamy, but as you work it in, it warms things get slippery and it lasts.
rating 4.5
Love it
WE love this cream :)
rating 4.5
Nice consistency. It spreads easily and doesn't get gummy. Easy cleanup with no residue. Almost makes me not sad to be having to jerk myself off all the time.
rating 4.5
masterbation creme
My girlfriend loves this cr me as a hand lotion
rating 4.5
Creme pie
This is actually a good product. Can't say it's the best but one of the better one to play with. It gives you more pleasure
rating 4.5
No mess
Sometimes I m lazy when I masturbate and don t feel like rushing right in to clean up after. This feels great, glides really smooth, and doesn t get annoying if you don t clean it off.
rating 4.5
Great product
I love the smoothness when masterbating. It lasts long
rating 4.5
This cream is great !
rating 4.5
Silky and good for the skin
The cream has a silky smooth texture and leaves your penis or anything else you put it on well moisturized.
rating 4.5
Awesome Sauce!
Cream is very good at it's intended job. I especially like that it doesn't absorb into the skin rapidly like other lotions AND isn't an slimy mess like oil / silicone based lubricants that's difficult to clean up afterwards. Provides just the right amount of friction to properly stimulate me and is not overly slippery.
rating 4.5
It's I wonderful cream for masturbation. It feels great and smells good. Don't be shy to put a lot on your cock.
rating 4.5
Very smooth!
Great product, way better then lube for hand play. Easy clean up.
rating 4.5
I'm a lady
So as a women I used this and litterly the best feeling I've ever felt ohhhhh did i mention I got it as a sample and it doesnt say for men on the package ....... ??
rating 4.5
Great stuff
Husband loves this stuff!
rating 4.5
Perfect lube all around for any use.
I must say I'm surprised with this lube. It does what it says and it is amazing. Squirt some on and on the way you go. It could be used for anal or normal strokes and it is amazing.
rating 4.5
Really great
Just used the product and can say it's the best
rating 4.5
Melts nicely, not greasy
This is a great cream. I don't normally bother with lube for myself but gave this a shot. It melts quickly as it warms and offers a really nice feeling. It's basically coconut oil but I'd say it's worth it for me to have the refinement of the product. Most of the cream gets nicely absobed without getting tacky. Its also nice not to feeling oily after using it.
rating 4.5
At first the consistency is about the same as styling hair paste, but liquifies with the warmth of your hand and doesn t evaporate much. Very slick and doesn t leave a tacky residue when finished. Skin afterwards is noticeably smoother as well which is nice
rating 4.5
This cream is well worth its value. Great sensual feeling. And it's in a convenient small package.
rating 4.5
Long Lasting
Not sticky, just smooth lubrication that lasts and lasts. Clean up is easy too.
rating 4.5
Great for jerking off
Starts off as a cream, but melts into a fluid oil as it warms up. Lasts a long time and isn t sticky or tacky like other lubes. Good stuff!
rating 4.5
My boyfriend was skeptical about it at first but that quickly went away when the thick cream melted into a nice lube. There s enough in one packet to reapply a couple of times or possibly get two uses from it if you don t use a lot. As an added bonus my hands are super soft the next day lmao
rating 4.5
Nice and smooth
Gets the job done.
rating 4.5
... wow ...
It really does make a difference while playing solo. Very silky , non sticky and enhance the experience.
rating 4.5
Slip and slide
It's thicker than hand creme at the beginning. After a short while it melts and becomes very slippery.....and it stays slippery for a surprisingly long time. Even with a small amount. I'd say it's a good mix between silicone and water based lubes. I recommend.
rating 4.5
good product
very good
rating 4.5
Smooth as Silk
Felt great in my hand, can only imagine felt for my partner. Glides so smoothly, no stickiness at all, didn't need to reapply just kept on playing and playing. Will definately buy again!
rating 4.5
Silky, slippery and smooth!
First lube I've ever used that I didn't have to spit on to keep wet, or have to keep adding more; which really ruins the moment. This stuff actually gets more and more slippery as its worked. Use it on my hubby, he loves it!
rating 4.5
It glides well
It is certainly not greasy and if has a good feel. It may take a bit more than a dab to get a consistent feeling but once you have it on, it aids the stroke for sure.
rating 4.5
We Like.
Very useful. I'm impressed. So... let's say maybe your man had a few drinks the night before and he wakes you up at 6am ambitiously, but then is taking forEVER about it....just break out this cream and experience the magic. This stuff really helps him finish & then that helps us both balance it all out. Like it!
rating 4.5
Best "lube" for solo fun !
It is really different from other lubes. It's a cream when you take it but as soon as the heat from your body touch it, the fun starts. It is very long lasting and never become sticky. like water based lube. Your skin becomes hydrated and even stay silky for a day even if you shower. It's only downside is it's price but you can't have everything... Recommanded.