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Lets Fuck! Dice Game

Lets Fuck! Dice Game View larger
  • Set Of 5
  • Dice Game 
  • A Game For Lovers

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Product Description

Players take turns rolling both dice. After each roll, a player performs the action rolled on the body part rolled of the other player. Play continues until someone has rolled a winning roll. After the winner has given his (or her) lover the winning roll reward, he gets to roll the silver die. He can then take up to two rolls to select the winning sex position reward.


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rating 4.5
These are amazing, only problem is he's a better dicer then i am because he always gets the "Bonus roll" ;)
rating 4.5
For play
Grey game to notice for ply and steam things up a bit great for the competitive couples makes things fun and playful and gets you in the mood just enough teasing before the pleasing
rating 4.5
Love it
rating 4.5
Really add fun and spice in a relationship. Always a winner
rating 4.5
Simple and Fun
It's such a simple thing to do that is a lot of fun you can have together.
rating 4.5
Super fun foreplay
This is a nice little mix-it-up item for foreplay. Some of the roll combos don't work super well but you can just re-roll for something more exciting. Highly recommend
rating 4.5
These dice have probably the best combination of directions on them I've been able to find.
rating 4.5
I recommend it! Some pairs are really funny
rating 4.5
Lots of fun !!!
Great way to get into the mood for the night as well as some laughs with the combos that pair up! Definitely recommend!
rating 4.5
Got these to spice things up cant wait to try em.
rating 4.5
My husband and I played it for our anniversary. And OMG it was so much fun!!!! I TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT !!!!
rating 4.5
Lets fuck dice
Bought this recently love it added fun for a loud night in.
rating 4.5
Hours of fun
Love this me and my husband have a great night with these and they are easy to smuggle in suitcases for weekend getaways
rating 4.5
Best dice out there!
These are definitely the best dice out there and we are very happy with them!
rating 4.5
Great for spicing things up!
rating 4.5
So fun!
Have a night in and play this game with your partner. It's so fun! And if you're a same-sex couple you can always swap out one for the other or make it reallllly interesting!!!
rating 4.5
One of the better adult dice games
Out of the dice games out there this one looks to be the best! The woman rolls the blue dice to determine what to do to her man, the man rolls the pink to determine what to do to his woman. The dice suggestions differ for each gender so it's not the exact same options for both which is nice. The bonus die depicts sexual positions and is only used when a winning combo is rolled, making gameplay interesting since you never know if/when it will be used, and what will happen! You can also just roll the one die if you want to get right to it too of course. Nice variety for an adult dice game and worth the buy!
rating 4.5
Great for spicing things up and having some fun