The Snail Vibe

When it comes to sex toys, there are all sorts of different options available. But one type of toy that you might not have considered is a snail vibrator. That’s right, a vibrator that looks like a snail. If you’re curious about this strange sex toy, read on to find out more.



The History Of The Snail Vibe


The Snail Vibe was introduced to the world in 2020 and was awarded the “Most Innovative Sex Toy of the Year in 2020” from the adult publication XBIZ Europa Awards. It was not until August of 2021 that the Snail Vibe was available to the US market. Ever since the Snail Vibe market debut, it has received praise from multiple publications from Cosmopolitan to Vice News.



Product Overview


Disgnined by two sexologists, the Snail vibe was engineered to give the user the power from a wand massager with the variable insertion depth of a dildo. The insert length starts at 1.4″ and can be inserted up to 5.5″, The girth of the Snail Vibe is 1.4″.

The user can choose to use the snail vibe for external, internal, and dual stimulation while being satisfied no matter which method they choose. The Snail Vibe has two independent motors, the first motor is located at the tip of the shaft of the toy and the second motor is on the spiral head. The toy has 5 vibration modes and 5-speed options, giving the user plenty of combinations to choose from.



Snail Vibe’s Features

  • Dual powerful motors
  • 5 speeds, 5 modes
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Quite while in use <45db
  • Dual Stimulation

First Impressions


I was handed an interesting-looking box that said “snail vibe” on it and was eager to start reviewing it. When I unpacked the toy from its box I was pleasantly surprised to see a nice zip-up case that comes with the toy to store it in. I will have to admit the designers did a wonderful job on the look and feel of the snail vibe. The smooth silicon coating feels premium and the device was designed with comfort in mind. The controls are in a great spot to change the modes while using the vibe. The Snail does look a bit bulky when I first saw it but over the time I have used it, I can tell you the bulkiness is not an issue. After charging the toy fully as suggested by the manufacturer it was time to give the snail vibe a try.



My Opinion About The Snail Vibe


When reviewing sex toys I tend to lean more towards toys that have clitoral vibrators than internal vibrators, when reviewing this toy I had more reservations about the claims of the external vibrator being as powerful as a wand massager. I was pleasantly relieved to find that the external vibrator was strong, when compared to other wands I will say that the snail is on pair with most wands that are battery-powered.


The snail vibe is a silicone toy so when it comes to lubes make sure you are using a toy-safe hybrid like the Sensuva Hybrid Lubricant which can be found here or a water-based lube like the Intimate Earth Performance Glide click here. The Snail vibe is on the girthier side compared to other rabbit vibrators so I suggest using lots of lube and maybe starting off with a dildo.


This vibrator has many positive points to make note of but one of the best ones is the constant contact with my clit while I thrust the toy in and out. Thrusting rabbits like the Shameless Tease feels wonderful but I do enjoy to manual thrusting of a dildo and I get that with this snail vibe. The next big positive point of the snail vibe is the rear bulb that has the controls on it. When using a normal rabbit my hand tends to start hurting from the weird position that I have to bend my wrist to use the toy, while with the snail vibe that is not the case. The rear bulb allows you to easily grab the toy to change modes or to thrust it into yourself, I am giving the snail vibe extra points for the ergonomic grip.


I of course had my partner use the snail vibe on me and they enjoyed the unique design of the snail vibe. The shape of the snail vibe allowed my partner to easily lay in a position where I can entertain them while they entertain me.


The snail vibe straight arm hides no illusions that this toy is meant for contestant contact with your clit while thrusting in and out of you and it’s not designed as a G-spot vibrator. If you look at the promotion material of the snail vibe they show the snail vibe being used on your clit but with the external bulb with the handle pointing down toward your feet. This did not work for me due to the external bulb rolling away when applying any pressure, I suggest using the snail like a wand by holding the handle and using the external vibrator on your clit.


Cleaning the snail vibe and be tricky because of the external vibrator but just soak the toy for a few minutes then wipe it down. Once clean make sure the toy is dry before putting it back in its travel case.


Areas To Note


A lot of sex toys have the push-in style of charger so this should not be a surprise, but be careful when plugging the snail vibe in. If you bend the charging pin the charger will not work.


The only other note-worthy critique I have is the controls could be a bit bigger but overall they were not too difficult to control.


No other potential issues were found while reviewing the snail vibe.




When I first saw the snail vibe I had my doubts but after using it I can honestly say that the snail vibe is one of my favorites. I would not hesitate at all when recommending it to my friends. If you are looking for a replacement rabbit or you just want an interesting toy the snail vibe is right for you.


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